Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Move

The coming of Spring here always brings changes to my life. Some small, some dramatic. This Spring I am moving again. It is not that I love this place - I do not. But moving is a trauma in and of itself. As anyone with energy issues can attest, it is not just about finding a place that meets your needs, it also about finding a place that meets your energy needs and where the surrounding energy is not detrimental. To quote poet Andrei Codrescu, "I'm older now. I need trees more than I need people. But it's nice to have both - only the ratios changed. When I was young, I needed 10 people to 1 tree. Now it's 100 trees per person." That of course is proving hard to find. I work in an urban area and like most urban areas in this country, suburb sprawl has moved the trees further and further away.

Years ago I would have never thought that I was as connected to the natural elements and earth energies. But when I look back on things I find that I have always lived near trees and a rather large body of water. Add that to the energy of dramatic storms and I seem to have my perfect mix. Funny, it is only through the perspective of time and years that I have finally understood what drives me energy wise the most.

How will the move go? Disruptive at best. Hopefully it will not make me half sick like the last move. By the changing of the seasons into Fall things should be settled and the surrounding energy back to nurturing instead of a moving roller coaster ride. As for now, I am filling things into cartons and looking for a place with that perfect balance of trees to people.


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