Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Look at the Current State of Things

American politics has just taken a strong right turn towards the bizzare. For many in this community the foreseeable future is somewhat grey and murky. First of all, know that this community always has been and always will be a tolerate place, free of judgment. Divisions by skin color, sexual preference, religious beliefs, gender, social class or whatever are non existent here. The only thing that matters is that you are loving and tolerant with both feet planted firmly in reality. And quite frankly, as I see it, that is the way the world should be. In the meantime, we all need to get through these grey uncertain times. For the younger community members this means being a bit less open and blending in, most likely something you have previously not had to do. For the older folks here, that means returning to times that we thought were long behind us. For now, until where we can all get a collective view on where things are headed, it is best to be cautious in how you individually express yourself. Why? Because being less than conservative, and holding values outside of what the far right dictates, may cost you your job, your housing, your children, etc. Now is not the time for outrageous behavior and bold claims. Do not loose what you have achieved because of the narrow viewpoint of others. While it may not be the time to be individually loud and open, it is the time for strengthening and building a community voice, and for supporting each other. It is the time for reaching across communities. Many in the energy work community also have ties to Pagan, Womens Rights, Black Lives Matter, LGBT and other marginalized communities. Work with each other and build strong bonds. Support each others causes and stand with each other for equal rights for all. It is going to take much strength and many voices standing strong together. Hard fought battles for religious freedoms, equal rights, equal pay, clean water, protecting nature and on and on are going to be on the chopping block. The damage done in the next few years may take more than a generation to reverse. Be part of the wall that stands for doing what is right for all and right for our planet, but do not go it alone. It is an old saying, but there is truly strength in numbers. Keep the pressure on. Call and email your representatives on a local, state and national level. Join with others and stand strong together, it is the only way we can all move forward together.

LA Judge