Friday, May 21, 2010

Injury and Bio Energy

I am sure all of you have experienced a serious injury that required special health care and some sort of special attention such as a surgery that limited you physically for a while in some way. I recently have experienced surgery for a severe injury that required removing torn tissue in my knee. I had to be put "under" for this surgery. After the fact, I went home to recuperate but also found myself completely drained and weakened. Part of this I am sure I can blame on the drug given me to put me under for surgery and then there is the surgery itself to fix the injury. I spent the next day limited on my ability to move around and therefore limited to regaining that needed bio energy or life giving energy that often comes from other people. I was fortunate to have a friend at my house for a while and benefited from the empathic energy exchange I had from her company. It happens that we will encounter a stressful situation sometime in our life that will weaken us and directly affect the bio energy amounts we have and need for wellness. These stresses could be the result from physical injuries that will affect our energy levels and require us to compensate for this more than usual and also affect our ability to do so and our ability to access the needed bio energy. That was more my problem, I lost the ability to access this needed energy due to losing my ability at mobility. It is one thing to lose the energy but another to also lose the ability to get it. We never know when this may happen but are sure it will happen sometime in our life.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weather Misery

Somewhere this time of year maybe near you, you may be experiencing the destructive effect of weather through record snows, tornadoes, floods, and fires, fires usually coming later in the summer. There are not many places we can go in the USA to not be touched by these extremes. Weather extremes seem to be more common now than ever before. With the coming of the 4th strongest El Nino weather pattern since 1950, it is no wonder more storms come with it. Most of the energy of these things is drowned out by the misery that comes with them. It is certain that not all weather phenomenon produces the desired elemental energy we benefit from. Weather often brings with it misery as well.