Friday, May 21, 2010

Injury and Bio Energy

I am sure all of you have experienced a serious injury that required special health care and some sort of special attention such as a surgery that limited you physically for a while in some way. I recently have experienced surgery for a severe injury that required removing torn tissue in my knee. I had to be put "under" for this surgery. After the fact, I went home to recuperate but also found myself completely drained and weakened. Part of this I am sure I can blame on the drug given me to put me under for surgery and then there is the surgery itself to fix the injury. I spent the next day limited on my ability to move around and therefore limited to regaining that needed bio energy or life giving energy that often comes from other people. I was fortunate to have a friend at my house for a while and benefited from the empathic energy exchange I had from her company. It happens that we will encounter a stressful situation sometime in our life that will weaken us and directly affect the bio energy amounts we have and need for wellness. These stresses could be the result from physical injuries that will affect our energy levels and require us to compensate for this more than usual and also affect our ability to do so and our ability to access the needed bio energy. That was more my problem, I lost the ability to access this needed energy due to losing my ability at mobility. It is one thing to lose the energy but another to also lose the ability to get it. We never know when this may happen but are sure it will happen sometime in our life.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weather Misery

Somewhere this time of year maybe near you, you may be experiencing the destructive effect of weather through record snows, tornadoes, floods, and fires, fires usually coming later in the summer. There are not many places we can go in the USA to not be touched by these extremes. Weather extremes seem to be more common now than ever before. With the coming of the 4th strongest El Nino weather pattern since 1950, it is no wonder more storms come with it. Most of the energy of these things is drowned out by the misery that comes with them. It is certain that not all weather phenomenon produces the desired elemental energy we benefit from. Weather often brings with it misery as well.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Low pressure and pain

If any of you experience pain that comes with weather changes, you will understand what I am saying here. I get pain in my joints when there are changes to rainy and cloudy weather. Now mine you I am 56 years in age and already know the joints in my legs and arms are already old and "degrading" some, so I am already being setup for the inevitable when low pressure comes knocking. This weekend in my home state of Texas it has been worse than usual. While I welcome the bio energy of a good thunder storm, I suffer from the low pressure that usually produces them. How does it go? You have to take the good with the bad? Well, I can hope the low pressure weather center is far enough away from the unstable air coming up from the south in front of it which may produce that welcome thunder storm, or is that too much to ask most of the time. Probably so..

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Work Place

Lets face it, the vast majority of us have to work for a living which usually means being around a variety of different kinds of people. Now people needing bio energy vampirism are more sensitive to the energy given off by people around them. So what do you do with some people who have nothing else to offer but negative chaotic energy, that is a creator of conflict or the belittling type. And lets not leave out the type that just cant shut up talking about mindless drivel around you even when you don't respond. I don't work around many people, but I find myself avoiding any conversation with the vast majority of them to avoid their energy. Now some of the things I do.. I will even act like I have a phone call going on with my phone (be very creative here) not to mention having headphones in my ears listening to music when I am at my workplace. Last but not least, when possible I walk away from the offending idiots. Just a couple ways that I shut out the chaotic negative energy at work from getting to me.

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Dog and Elemental Energy

It is safe to say that we are all affected by the environment around us, from people to the weather; but do we ever consider how animals are affected or are they affected at all. Are any other living things affected by the bio energy in their environment. I have watched a dog of mine change moods in an instance to a thunder storm, firecrackers, loud men working on a street, and other things. I finally figured out that she (my dog) suffers from panic attacks, extreme fear when these events happen. She shakes and lowers her tail while trying to get on the furniture or bed depending where I am if I am at home. When I try and console her with my positive bio energies, her panic attacks are too overpowering. One time my smoke detector went off when something was in the oven, same result in her. We know that people are affected in similar ways to intense changes in our environment, but I have to assume that since my dog is affected in this way, so are many other animals. Animals can tell us a lot about the affect of elemental bio energy upon us and how thru their reaction, they tell us they are just as affected if not more than we are. Psychological reactions to elemental energy with their detrimental impact are part of the animal kingdom as much as they are a part of us so says my dog.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Move

The coming of Spring here always brings changes to my life. Some small, some dramatic. This Spring I am moving again. It is not that I love this place - I do not. But moving is a trauma in and of itself. As anyone with energy issues can attest, it is not just about finding a place that meets your needs, it also about finding a place that meets your energy needs and where the surrounding energy is not detrimental. To quote poet Andrei Codrescu, "I'm older now. I need trees more than I need people. But it's nice to have both - only the ratios changed. When I was young, I needed 10 people to 1 tree. Now it's 100 trees per person." That of course is proving hard to find. I work in an urban area and like most urban areas in this country, suburb sprawl has moved the trees further and further away.

Years ago I would have never thought that I was as connected to the natural elements and earth energies. But when I look back on things I find that I have always lived near trees and a rather large body of water. Add that to the energy of dramatic storms and I seem to have my perfect mix. Funny, it is only through the perspective of time and years that I have finally understood what drives me energy wise the most.

How will the move go? Disruptive at best. Hopefully it will not make me half sick like the last move. By the changing of the seasons into Fall things should be settled and the surrounding energy back to nurturing instead of a moving roller coaster ride. As for now, I am filling things into cartons and looking for a place with that perfect balance of trees to people.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's Next?

As so many know, this winter has been a record in precipitation and snowfall. So what happens to all this snow? Now that spring is coming so is the warmer weather, so all that snow has to melt and run into any nearby streams and rivers which then may overflow. If the snow was not bad enough for many, here come the floods this spring. That we can do without.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Warmer weather

Warmer weather has come to some parts of the US and with it the spring stormy stuff that includes thunder storms and maybe wind (twister strength maybe), hail, thunder, and lightning. This storms may be hazardous to some and yet for some of us, this kind of bio energy may be welcome in our coffers despite the intensity and the huge amount of this energy that comes at one time. Energy overload is a risk for those seeking bio energy from the elements, but usually it is worth it to experience these thunder storms for their awesome energy output to fill our sometimes empty need for this form of bio energy when no other kind is present. Gimme a thunder storm but make it quick and painless and with sunshine afterward.