Monday, March 29, 2010

The Work Place

Lets face it, the vast majority of us have to work for a living which usually means being around a variety of different kinds of people. Now people needing bio energy vampirism are more sensitive to the energy given off by people around them. So what do you do with some people who have nothing else to offer but negative chaotic energy, that is a creator of conflict or the belittling type. And lets not leave out the type that just cant shut up talking about mindless drivel around you even when you don't respond. I don't work around many people, but I find myself avoiding any conversation with the vast majority of them to avoid their energy. Now some of the things I do.. I will even act like I have a phone call going on with my phone (be very creative here) not to mention having headphones in my ears listening to music when I am at my workplace. Last but not least, when possible I walk away from the offending idiots. Just a couple ways that I shut out the chaotic negative energy at work from getting to me.


  1. I understand. Block negative energy. Divert negative energy. Distant one's self from "certain beings".

  2. I always found it easier to just take in the negative energy.