Friday, March 26, 2010

My Dog and Elemental Energy

It is safe to say that we are all affected by the environment around us, from people to the weather; but do we ever consider how animals are affected or are they affected at all. Are any other living things affected by the bio energy in their environment. I have watched a dog of mine change moods in an instance to a thunder storm, firecrackers, loud men working on a street, and other things. I finally figured out that she (my dog) suffers from panic attacks, extreme fear when these events happen. She shakes and lowers her tail while trying to get on the furniture or bed depending where I am if I am at home. When I try and console her with my positive bio energies, her panic attacks are too overpowering. One time my smoke detector went off when something was in the oven, same result in her. We know that people are affected in similar ways to intense changes in our environment, but I have to assume that since my dog is affected in this way, so are many other animals. Animals can tell us a lot about the affect of elemental bio energy upon us and how thru their reaction, they tell us they are just as affected if not more than we are. Psychological reactions to elemental energy with their detrimental impact are part of the animal kingdom as much as they are a part of us so says my dog.

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