Sunday, May 2, 2021

The Covid Virus and Hope

Repetition, some of us can handle this, some of us can't. This past year has had two kinds of repetition. First, being the kind of repetition that you cannot escape. We as a species almost never turn off our TVs, Covid19 in 2020 was the only repetition. 

Unfortunately you couldn't escape hearing about the death tolls either, either the news or people gossiping. Death tolls around the world were always being spoken of. 

This being one of the deadliest pandemics in decades where is our hope? Is there any hope at all?
I had the Covid virus in the middle stages of it's development and I was terrified because who knows where my health could go. The reality is now we are seeing hope. 

Over the past few months three companies, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna have given us much hope. These company's have spent a short time frame of less than a year to help save us. They have paved a path when there wasn't one when our population was weakening, when our doctors couldn't and were having to use ventilators. With what is happening to our world, we need to look towards these three companies as hope. We don't have the choice to look and walk the other way and not accept the vaccines they offer.

The accounts I have of people who have received the vaccine have felt more at ease mentally and hope comes from that mentality. 

Helayna Brooks
Contributing Author

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